Towing & Roadside Assistance Services

Professional and Safe Accident Removal in Santa Clara

You are driving on route 75 on your way to watch the San Francisco 49ers train when suddenly a speeding car gets too close for comfort and crashes into the back of you. You lose control of your vehicle and swerve onto the shoulder. This is a horrifying experience for you. Parts of your car are scattered all over the highway and your car won’t start. What do you do now?

We will Extricate your Car from Any Situation

Your best solution is to call A&S Towing. We can meet you within minutes and clear up the mess. We’ll tow your vehicle to the nearest body shop, mechanic, or junkyard, depending on the extent of the damages. Trust in A&S Towing to get you out of any bad situation.

A&S Towing Does it All!

We are good at accident removal. However, we are good at a lot more than that! We are also good at providing you with the best customer care in the industry. We are A&S Towing and we don’t take our clients for granted.

  • Reputation. It goes without saying that we have provided outstanding service to our community for several years.
  • Price. Did you think emergency roadside assistance was expensive? Call A&S Towing and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Satisfaction. You won’t find a better customer service-oriented business in the city. We care about each and every one of our customers and we’ll treat you like royalty when you invite our services.
  • Timeliness. Guess what? We’ll be there within minutes of your telephone call.
  • Availability. We are there for you 24/7 and we mean it! Call us anytime.

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