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Quick Flatbed Towing Service in Santa Clara by A&S Towing

When it comes time to transport your vehicle safely and securely, you want to know you’re in good hands. A&S Towing has the professional know-how to transport your vehicle via flatbed throughout the city and the surrounding Bay Area, as well as further afield – in the safest, quicker manner possible.

The Advantages Over Other Types of Towing

Flatbed towing holds a number of advantages over the likes of dolly towing, wheel lift towing, and hook and chain towing. Firstly, loading your vehicle on to a flatbed tow truck means that it will be much safer in transit. It won’t be at risk from other drivers, unexpected obstacles, or unkempt road surfaces. Secondly, the car won’t be damaged by the act of towing itself. Wheel lift towing can put unnecessary strain on a vehicle’s chassis as well as the two wheels remaining on the ground. Likewise, hook and chain towing. Finally, when a vehicle is loaded onto a flatbed, it’s easier to transport for the tow truck driver. There’s no need to worry about swinging around a corner too hard or stopping suddenly.

When to Call Our 24/7 Towing Service

Whatever the reason you’re considering a tow, transporting your vehicle by a flatbed tow truck is ideal. Over the years, A&S Towing has helped people transport vehicles damaged in road accidents, towed new vehicles to their buyers, sent seasonal cars to the storage, and transferred vehicles for those moving addresses, both in and out of state. Flatbed towing is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, from motorcycles and sports cars to saloons and SUVs. If you’re wondering about whether your vehicle is suited to the flatbed towing, give us a call and we’ll be sure to assist.

Other Towing Services:

In addition to our flatbed tow truck service, here at A&S Towing we also offer the following towing services:

We also operate an emergency 24/7 towing service for those in need out of hours.

Why Choose A&S Towing?

In addition to having years of experience towing vehicles of all shapes and sizes, we also understand the importance of being professional and reliable. In our time serving the Santa Clara community, we’ve realized that being open and honest is always best. That’s why we operate an honest pricing policy with no hidden catches. We also realize that time is of the essence, and that’s precisely why we aim to have an expert technician with you within minutes of receiving your call.
Furthermore, we are reliable, punctual and, above all else, happy to help!