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A recovery service is also commonly referred to as “winch” since this is the main apparatus used. Recover, or winch has to do with assisting vehicles that have somehow gone off the road and need to be pulled back onto it so that they can be driven away. Sometimes once such a vehicle is recovered it may become apparent that it cannot be driven and so must be towed away.

A&S Towing: Professionalism is the Key!

Recovery services demand cautious, professional handling. The technical operation of the winch may not be complicated, but the unique circumstances that may be encountered in any recovery job demand that the whole operation is conducted intelligently and according to a well-formed plan which can only be drawn out on spot.
A&S Towing’s techs are all fully qualified, experienced and service-oriented. At our disposal is a full range of top-of-the-line equipment. Any vehicle may need recovery, we are equipped to provide winch service in any scenario.

Common Circumstances Calling for Winch Services

Over the course of years providing Santa Clara’s community with comprehensive towing and roadside assistance services, recovery naturally included, we at A&S Towing have literally seen it all in regards to winch operations. There may be countless reasons why a vehicle has become stuck and in need of pulling back onto the road. Some of the most common are misjudging a curve, sliding on an oil slick, backing into a ditch, falling asleep during driving, stormy weather, icy roads, evading a vehicle, animal, or person, and more.

Challenging and Rewarding

Winch operations may turn out to be extremely challenging. All types of vehicles may be involved and they may have got stuck in any type of manner. We at A&S Towing are proud to be able to provide any kind of recovery service, on or off-road. We operate a 24/7 dispatch and can be on spot within minutes. Once with you our techs will handle things in the most efficient manner all the while ensuring safety and no further damage to your vehicle, our honest billing policy ensures unbeatable prices.

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