Towing & Roadside Assistance Services

Authorized Towing Services in Santa Clara

You usually think of a towing service when you are stranded on the side of the highway, especially if you’re in a heatwave or fierce storm. But there are less disastrous times when a towing service is useful. If you are moving to another city, you can save gas money and mileage on your vehicle by using a towing service. A&S Towing provides towing service to the Santa Clara area and beyond.
We also provide local and long-distance towing so if your son at California State needs truck tow service, we can handle that, too. Car towing can help resolve these and other situations and A&S Towing provides car towing and other light towing as well as flatbed towing services around Santa Clara.  So whenever you need a towing service, in Santa Clara or over a long distance, call A&S Towing.

Santa Clara Towing And Roadside Assistance Services:

A&S Towing For Light Duty Towing

Whether you own a jalopy, sports car, or luxury sedan, light towing may be sufficient car towing Santa Clara service. And if you need to put that car in storage, using a towing service is an excellent method of transporting a vehicle.  Truck tow service can get you to the shop after a breakdown in town.  Or maybe you have a motorcycle you want to store for the winter. A&S Towing can handle all your light-duty towing.

Heavy Duty Flatbed Towing Service

Towing a vehicle outside of the Santa Clara area? A&S Towing flatbed service is one of the safest forms of car towing.  A faulty engine or locked brakes or axle problems also require a flatbed towing service.  A towing service can use a flatbed to move large and heavy equipment between job sites.  If you have vocational or personal needs for a towing service, call A&S Towing.

If you need A&S Towing service, give us a call today. A&S Towing can handle your local and long-distance towing for light-duty or flatbed towing and truck or car towing.

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